An Update from the Wilkins’ Cruise: Barcelona, Spain

Located in the northeastern part of Spain, Barcelona is known for their rich culture as well as the physical beauty of the land.  Because of its fascinating history and the large population, Barcelona is often referenced as the “Paris of Spain.”

Barcelona, Spain

Fortunately for Jeremy and Maury Wilkins, they have had the pleasure of traveling to this beautiful city on their Mediterranean 9-day cruise.  Barcelona has many sites and activities to offer, including hundred year-old Cathedrals, wine vineyards, and a beautiful mountainous countryside.  Barcelona is also known for their Spanish mixture of seafood, chicken and vegetable dishes (what an interesting combo!).

barcelona 2


The Wilkins family is anxiously waiting for Jeremy and Maury’s return on Tuesday.  We cannot wait to hear about all the glorious stories they have to share!  If you would like to see more of Jeremy’s photos from the trip, please visit Wilkins Photography.  Please stay connect through the blog,  Facebook, and Twitter to find out more about their trip!


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