Surprises From Ellen and How Subaru Saves Lives

Surprises From Ellen and How Subaru Saves Lives

Subaru promises safety

The Ellen Show is always offering help to those in need. When Mary and Jonathan welcomed their new baby girl, Claire, into the world, it was a joyous occasion. However, they also came to find their daughter had medical complications, which lead to high medical bills each month to maintain her care. As if this situation wasn’t unfortunate enough, next came the accident.

Check out the video to hear Mary and Jonathan’s story and to see what Ellen had in store for their family as well:

Videos like this are all part of Subaru’s new emphasis on safety, “Live.Love.” The safety of drivers and passengers has always been of high concern for the Subaru brand. To learn about what makes a Subaru safe, and hear from Subaru owners about how their cars helped save their lives, visit their custom page.

Not only is Ellen Degeneres supporting this, Subaru is also collaborating with The Weather Channel, launching the Driving Difficulty Index, and Anderson Cooper to share stories of Subaru owners impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

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