My Subaru’s First Snowfall

My Subaru’s First SnowfallMy Subaru’s First Snowfall


Winter has arrived and the snow is here to stay.  Yesterday was central Maryland’s first snowfall of the season.  To a child, snow is associated with school delays, hot chocolate, and sledding.  To an adult, on the other hand, snow means shoveling, falling on black ice, and driving in horrible road conditions.

Driving back from York, Pennsylvania after visiting friends for the weekend, I was caught in a combination of snow, ice, slush, and rain.  It took me 3 and half hours to commute 70 miles!  Countless vehicles were stranded on the side of the road from the deep snow and slush.  Thankfully, I now drive a Subaru Forester—known to be the ultimate weather vehicle.  I purchased my Forester back in June and have been waiting to test the snowy roads ever since!

servicing a vehicle

My Subaru Forester aced its first Winter Test.  I did not once lose control of the vehicle while driving through the ice and snow.  The AWD made it effortless to maneuver on the road.  I am certainly not urging you to go out in the next snow storm, driving recklessly to test your Subaru.  Driving smart is always necessary.  Because of the bad conditions, I drove around 35 mph.  And of course, keeping your Subaru up-to-date with servicing is a must!

Winter has only begun and snow will be back (whether we want it or not).  When it falls again, I know one thing is for sure—My Subaru Forester will be ready.  Be safe this winter and take a test drive with one of our 2014 Subaru Forester vehicles.  Click to read the other articles on my Subaru Forester: “So I Bought a Subaru Forester…” “My Subaru Forester’s Drive to Ocean City” “1,000 Miles Later.”

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After graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in May 2013 with a Marketing degree, I started working for Wilkins Automotive in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I monitor social media and Wilkins' websites as well as plan community events! I love animals, food, running, blogging and now my new 2014 Subaru Forester.

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