Subaru joins Center for Pet Safety to Test Car Restraints

Subaru joins Center for Pet Safety to Test Car Restraints

cpsSubaru is a brand that loves pets. That’s obvious by their “Dog tested. Dog Approved.” campaigns and the many nonprofits they’ve supported over the years.  Now, Subaru of America is partnering with the Center for Pet Safety to fund research and testing of pet car safety restraints.

“Currently, there are no performance standards or test protocols in the U.S. for pet travel products. Although many manufacturers claim to test their products, without test standards, these claims cannot be substantiated. Together, Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety will create standards for testing restraints, while announcing those that perform best.”

A crash dummy dog was put through tests to analyze the effectiveness of current pet safety restraints in realistic situations. Out of four harnesses that were tested, none succeeded without serious or fatal injury to the “pet”. It’s clear that Subaru has joined Center for Pet Safety at the right time, and our team at Wilkins Automotive are glad to support as well. We love our pets (and yours!), so we encourage you to share your photos of your furry friends on our Facebook page, or contact us if you’d like to be featured on our blog!

Source: PRNewswire

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