Music made from car sounds makes debut

Music made from car sounds makes debut

M ark Marrington makes music mixing motors…and other car sounds (couldn’t think of any other “m” words!).

First, have a listen:

I thought this story was particularly interesting for a couple reasons:

1. Mark Marrington is a composer from Yorkshire, England, which is where I lived for three years of my life. I remember shopping downtown in Harrogate and Leeds, and always enjoyed seeing the street musicians. I’m sure Marrington wasn’t one of them since he is a professor at University of Leeds, but it’s still great to see unique talent from I place I’ve lived.

2.  It’s always nice to see a musician who takes a risk. Marrigton used car sounds and other traffic sounds to create his new single, Cars, with the goal to reflect “our ongoing desire to tame nature and organize it in a way which renders impotent its capacity to disturb us.” He explains that he believes music is everywhere in some of the most common sounds we hear every day. Our society labels certain sounds as invasive or irritating, when we could be missing something that is more interesting to the ear than we give credit.  It’s all in how we process the sound.

“I simply don’t find these sounds annoying any more,” says Marrington. “In fact I’m more likely to consider the piped music we hear everywhere blaring from radios, supermarket speakers, etc. to be the real noise.”

What do you think of Marrington’s new tune? Will it make you think differently the next time you’re driving your vehicle or you hit a bit of traffic?

Source: Press Release, Mark Marrington, Autoblog


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