Honoring our Veterans, Admiring Classics At Local Car Show

Pledge Allegiance honoring our veterans!

Standing with our hands over our hearts, hats off in respect, attention fixed on a beautiful American flag waving in the wind, our team from Wilkins Automotive joined members of the community in the Pledge of¬†Allegiance to honor our country and the veterans who’ve served it.

The 6th Annual Veterans Day Car Show hosted by Street Survivors of MD was a great opportunity to meet fellow car enthusiasts, whether it be fixing up a classic, adding custom detailing, or dedicating a mural to a veteran. All veterans who attended the event were honored in a special ceremony and given a special gift of thanks. Over 300 vehicles were registered for the event, and many received awards later in the day.

Here are just a few photos from the day, but feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and see the full album. For future events Wilkins takes part in, visit here.

Veterans Day Car Show

Veterans Day Car Show-Details


Veterans Day Car Show


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