EN-V is autonomous, technology driven

EN-V is autonomous, technology drivenEN-V is autonomous, technology driven

GM's new concept, EN-V.

When you think about the future of transportation, what comes to mind? Flying cars? Super-speed monorails? General Motors has something else in mind.

The EN-V concept, short for Electric Networked Vehicle, is an autonomous, easily maneuverable vehicle created to reduce congestion and encourage convenient urban mobility.

What’s impressive is the technology. EN-V’s are built with sensors to detect obstacles in its path, making it very safe and responsive to surroundings. These concepts are also connected, vehicle to vehicle, wirelessly to increase awareness.

“The field of vision is really impressive as well,” said Pike Research analyst John Gartner. “It’s a great sense of being aware of everything around you.”

Easily accessible touchscreen steering wheel.

Another piece of technology is a steering-wheel touchscreen which allows easy steering, and even includes an option for video chat to other EN-V drivers.

The convenience of these vehicles is also impressive. If you’re pre-occupied or have a few emails or phone calls to make before work, you can save time by allowing the EN-V to park itself and automatically return to you when summoned using your smartphone.

It’s predicted that these vehicles will be cost-efficient and primarily used for short commutes, campus transportation and metro areas.

Check out the three designs they’ve created so far including Jiao (the Pride), Miao (the Magic) and Xiao (the Laugh).

What do you think? Would you use one if it was available for work or school transportation? Would you buy one?

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Source: GM News, Photos from Jalopnik and ConceptCarz

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