“Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” Takes a Whole New Meaning for Subaru

After watching Subaru’s countless charming commercials and promotions in general, we all know by now that Subaru loves pets.  Subaru offers various car accessory options that are designed with animals in mind.  However, that’s not enough for Subaru.  Subaru is currently working with the Center for Pet Safety, a non-profit advocacy group, to infuse pet safety features within their vehicles.  Yes, that’s right—Subaru will not only be number one in human safety, but also animal safety.

55 lb crash test dummy dog

55 lb crash test dummy dog

Subaru tested and found top selling animal restraints all failed during the 30mph crash testing, which would result in a major injury to the pet and possibly a danger to human passengers.  Even though Subaru is only in the early stages of this study, Subaru believes this will be an evolution in vehicle safety.

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