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  • Pet Adopt-A-Thon Recap

    Wilkins Subaru would like to thank the community for attending our Pet Adopt-A-Thon this past Saturday!  We are happy to announce the Wilkins 6th Annual Pet Adopt-A-Thon was a huge success!  Over 25 pets found their forever homes this past weekend! Pet adoption shouldn’t stop here!  Local animal rescues are continuously working hard to find the […]

  • Wilkins Sponsoring Local Food Drive: March 1st-March 8th

    During the week of March 1st, Wilkins is partnering up with the Maryland Food Bank to sponsor the Harvest for the Hungry/Spring Forward Food Drive.  From March 1st through March 8th, we encourage our community to provide monetary or food donations!  Did you know: donating $1 can provide 2 full meals?  That is why Wilkins […]

  • You’re Invited to the Wilkins 6th Annual Pet Adopt-A-Thon

    This winter has been brutal, to say the least.  Extreme cold temperatures, ice storms, and lets not forget that nasty frigid wind.  Only six more weeks until we can gladly welcome Spring.  The beautiful combination of fresh flowers, sunshine, and a warm breeze is the perfect setting for Wilkins’ 6th Annual Pet Adopt-A-Thon! On Saturday, […]

  • Serving Our Community

    This past week, Wilkins employees volunteered to help feed and serve the homeless.  Every year, Arundel House of Hope provides shelter and food to the less fortunate of Anne Arundel County.  This year, Wilkins got involved with this great organization through one of our automotive technicians, Paul.  Paul is actively involved in his church and community. […]

  • Wilkins’ Holiday Gift

    Wilkins Automotive loves to give back to the community, especially during this time of the year.  On Monday, December 23rd and Sunday, December 29th, the Wilkins staff will be serving the homeless a warm holiday meal.  Wilkins Automotive is partnering with Arundel House of Hope this Holiday season. Spending time with family members while opening […]